When I was a young boy, you would find Salimeni's tomato sauce simmering for hours each Sunday morning, filling our house with it's heart-warming aroma. The afternoon would find the family visiting Grandmother, and I would be enjoying meatballs for the second time that day!

When I was old enough, I made Italian sausage with my father and uncles. To me, being allowed to join in this generations' old tradition marked my passage from boyhood to becoming a man. Now I was old enough to listen to the men and their stories, to celebrate life with them with a glass of my uncle's wine or my father's hard cider.

And so, our holidays and celebrations always found the family around the kitchen table - eating, talking and enjoying the moment for what it was - living well! I'll never forget exploring my grandpa's old wine cellar, or picking the Concord Grapes he planted just for me. Rooco's Italian Cafe is a celebration of my family memories, recipes and friendship and sharing them with you brings me great joy! I hope you enjoy our family recipes as much as I do...

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